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From:Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 8, 2002, 13:05
Copy and paste does wonders!  I got all the vowels
(and the few consonants they had) from the list.  It's
a shame they didn't include all the funky consonants
and double-accented vowels and so forth, but I guess
if you need them that badly, you'll do just fine to
learn them on your own.


á    Alt+0225
à    Alt+0224
â    Alt+0226 ä    Alt+0228
å    Alt+0229
Á    Alt+0193
à   Alt+0195
Ä    Alt+0196
Å    Alt+0197
À    Alt+0192
æ    Alt+0230
Æ    Alt+0198
ç    Alt+0231
Ç    Alt+0199
ê    Alt+0234
é    Alt+0233
ë    Alt+0235
è    Alt+0232
Ê    Alt+0202
Ë    Alt+0203
É    Alt+0201
È    Alt+0200
ï    Alt+0239 í    Alt+0237
î    Alt+0238
ì    Alt+0236
Í    Alt+0205
Ì    Alt+0204
Î    Alt+0206
Ï    Alt+0207
ñ    Alt+0241
Ñ    Alt+0209
œ    Alt+0156
Π   Alt+0140
ô    Alt+0244
ö    Alt+0246
ò    Alt+0242
õ    Alt+0245
ó    Alt+0243
ø    Alt+0248
Ó    Alt+0211
Ô    Alt+0212
Õ    Alt+0213
Ø    Alt+0216
Ö    Alt+0214 Ò    Alt+0210
š    Alt+0154
ú    Alt+0250
ü    Alt+0252
û    Alt+0251
ù    Alt+0249
Ù    Alt+0217
Ú    Alt+0218
Ü    Alt+0220
Û    Alt+0219
ÿ    Alt+0255
Ÿ    Alt+0159
ý    Alt+0253
Ý    Alt+0221


ª    Alt+0170
Þ    Alt+0222
þ    Alt+0254
ƒ    Alt+0131
ß    Alt+0223
µ    Alt+0181 Ð    Alt+0208

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