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New relay list

From:Irina Rempt <irina@...>
Date:Thursday, April 4, 2002, 12:28
Tomorrow,  Friday April 5th (to clear up timezone confusion before it
starts) I'll subscribe everybody to the new relay list who was on the
old relay5 list unless they've asked me not to, and add all the people
to it who have asked me to.

When you're on the list, you'll get a notification. If you think you
ought to be on the list and don't get a notification by Saturday your
time, either I forgot to add you (most likely) or there's something
wrong with the software; in that case please tell me.

Note that the list is not meant as a refuge for people disenchanted
with the conlang list. If I notice that it becomes so, I'll close it
down immediately. It's meant for people who want to run a relay (not me
this time! I've done 40% of all previous relays already, as well as the
abortive alt.language.artificial relay) or another game in the same
vein (whatever became of the recipe relay idea?)

Until and unless someone starts a relay, this means that the list will
be very quiet. And if someone does start a relay, it will probably be
very boring and administrivial; that's what it's *for*.

If you want to start a relay and don't know how to, I can of course
give expert advice :-)


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