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ghunchee caundz

From:<Wilhelm Ulrich Schlaier> <smithv637@...>
Date:Thursday, July 17, 2003, 21:03
If anyone was confused, and i hope most of you are the subject is "funky
I've been trying to come up with a writen language that uses the characters
on my key board. I would like any "funky spellings" of sounds you can come up
with(it's kind of sad really but i wanted imput) but in the mean time heres
what i've got.
(Capital letters = long vowel sounds)

             A=eye a=ah b=ba d=t E=ee e=ehy f=gh g=je h=ac I=ay i=ihe j=dg
 l=yl m=nh n=yn o=oh oi=ohi p=th r=p s=c t=ht oo=u u=uh v=^ w=vv y=i z=cz
 ou=aw au=ow sh=zch ch=tch zh=czh th=dh 'r=up ng=q


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