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Re: lexicons

From:J. Barefoot <lesfraises@...>
Date:Thursday, April 1, 1999, 21:37
>Hawksinger wrote:
>> I have a page on one of my sites that might help. Try this URL; >> >> This is a combined list of the vocabularies of BASIC English and >> Essential World English. It has 1667 entries although some are >> duplicates. I have needed to clean it up for several years but >> never quite get around to it. >> Hope that helps, >
I also made a list of about 2400 words. (I think a conlang is "considered" complete at 2000. It's through, but it might be overkill. I haven't posted the 6000 word list yet. Eek, I hope I can find it. Oh well, it's a handy reference to make sure you've covered everything.) It's at It's based on Hawksinger's list and another one that I don't remember where I got. Personally, when I'm starting a vocabulary, I print it(it's about 30 pages, two columns, front and back), put it in a prong notebook and carry it around. It makes keeping things ordered easy when you can't get to your computer (or when you don't have one of your own at school). Glad to possibly be of assistance, Jennifer Get Your Private, Free Email at