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Kura 2.0 Released

From:Boudewijn Rempt <boud@...>
Date:Saturday, November 16, 2002, 15:15
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                          Kura 2.0
- ------------------------------------------------------------------
I am pleased to announce the second release of Kura.

Kura is a complete system for the handling of linguistic data, especially
fieldwork data from small-corpus languages. It allows users to enter
texts in any language, analyze those texts and bring the analyzed
linguistic facts into relation with each other.

This is the second full release of Kura for Unix/X11. Kura no longer supports

Kura is available at:

There is both an rpm package and a tarball.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------


New in this release are:

  * Support for files to store data. MySQL is still fully supported.
  * port to Qt 3.x (which means better Unicode support).
  * A very complete manual.
  * Dropped support for parse sets.
  * An improved interlinear text editor.
  * Drag and drop from Kura to editors.
  * Export to docbook sgml.
  * Many, many bugfixes.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------

Kura uses the following run-time components: MySQL, MySQLdb,
Python, PyQt.  MySQL is no longer absolutely necessary.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------

Kura is free software and distributed under the Python license.
This means that anyone can download and use Kura for free,
anyone can alter Kura to his or her own liking and distribute
the altered version free or for profit. However any changes must
be contributed back to the me, and I have the right to incorporate
those changes in new, free versions of Kura.
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