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Re: Conlang books collection on Amazon

From:Amanda Babcock Furrow <langs@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 13, 2008, 18:20
Neat!  But when I click on the "My Media Library" at the top of the box,
despite it clearly having "tag=lcs-books-20" in the URL, it takes me to
a page that shows *my* library, not the LCS one.  Is this the desired


On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 07:38:46AM -0800, Language Creation Society wrote:
> I've made an Amazon page of all the books of general conlanger > interest (i.e. not overly specific to one language) from the previous > thread and a few other recommendations: > > The direct link is pretty ugly, so please see the bottom of > <> to see the spiffy version > (which only shows a random 9 of the 26 listed). > > 4-8% of sales - increasing with volume - go to fund the Language > Creation Society (and thus future LCCs or other neat things). > > If you have any suggestions for other books to add (or how else we > could do this better), just let me know - or respond to the previous > "reviews & recommendations" thread with your own favorites. > > Enjoy, > Sai > > P.S. Please note the "From:" email. This is now the only "official" > LCS email address, and is the one that we will use when speaking on > behalf of the LCS. It goes to the LCS officers - currently Henrik > Theiling (VP), David Peterson (Secretary/Treasurer), and me (Pres). > > P.P.S. There's also <> - which > includes books, bangles, and even tax prep. We'll call a close to it > shortly after the next big announcement (coming soon), so if you're > interested in anything and haven't yet sent in a bid, email me (at > either lcs or personal address). 100% of this goes to the LCS, and the > difference between the auction price and fair market value can be > counted as a tax-deductible donation if you wish.


Amanda Babcock Furrow <langs@...>