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USAGE: Cool idioms (RUDE)

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Saturday, March 27, 1999, 4:44
kh@Tv@ Tom Wier:

>I second that! To all non-native-English-speakers, what other >idioms exist in y'all's languages that have that same general meaning?
Cool Tom! My native language is English, but I happen to know a few catchy Turkish phrases (I'll filter out the ones that are a bit too risque' for this list ;)... agIr isc,i (I = dotless i, c, = c cedilla) prostitute (lit. "heavy worker") bu ayaklar koktu this is an old trick, no one's gonna fall for it (lit. "these feet stink") du:du:klemek literally, "to whistle", as a swear word, "to have sex with". Do the math. ;) go:z banyosu (o: = o umlaut) an attractive woman, lit. "eye-bath" iki ucu boklu degnek an impossible situation, lit. "a cane with excrement on both ends" ku:fe (u: = u umlaut) the buttocks, lit. "a tall wicker basket" lanet olsun a general Turkish expletive meaning "dammit", "bloody hell" (I remember this, my ex's father said this a lot when she grew up at home) masanIn altIna bak up yours, lit. "look under the table", with the notion that the speaker is giving the addressee the finger under a table (which in Turkey and elsewhere is the thumb between the index and middle fingers of a closed fist). radyato:r bosaltmak to urinate, lit. "to empty the radiator" More at (some of these are rated R): (This is a nice site for anybody who's interested in Turkish; it explains things in laymen's terms too...) Danny Get Your Private, Free Email at