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Re: OT: Utterly OT (was : Brothel s and other urban facilities (WAS: Scandinavian meeting.))

From:Tristan McLeay <conlang@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 5, 2008, 13:52
On 06/03/08 00:05:23, Mark J. Reed wrote:
> Well, yes, the US is amazingly conservative overall. Probably has > something to do with the fact that we were founded by the folks who > got kicked out of Europe for being too uptight. Apparently 400 years > isn't long enough to get over that. > Still, AFAIK, prostitution is still illegal in most of Europe > (the > Netherlands being an obvious exception). So the lumping is still > weird.
I agree the lumping is weird. I am surprised prostitution is perceived as illegal by default. There was a brothel in between the station and my high school when I went; everyone knew it was there. More recently, there have been text-only billboard ads for them (signs outside brothels are less subtle; I've never been to one, but I could certainly direct you to half a dozen). Australia manages to be relatively conservative; I was surprised that beer was available at cafes in Britain, and abortion is still relatively illegal and IVF only available to heterosexual couples who can't otherwise conceive here in Victoria. (Illegal prostitution also exists here, including a brothel serviced by girls kidnapped from Asian countries. Obviously these get shut down as they're discovered.) -- Tristan.


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