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Date:Sunday, July 13, 2008, 5:32
Somewhere in the shuffle I mentioned this elsewhere but forgot to include CONLANG. I
recently registered which I obviously intend to be the new home for
all SASXSEK materials. Currently, it's nothing more than a redirect to the old
site while I get everything ready There's a lot of work involved because I'm
completely changing the backend. The new site will use Mediwiki, but I'm still
deciding how I want the online dictionary to be laid out. I'm leaning toward
something in the style of Wiktionary. I'm also hoping to move the discussion
group from Yahoo to my own blog. There still aren't any e-mail
addresses, so I'll let others know when that is ready too, and may offer e-mail
addresses to those who are learning to use the language.

Stay tuned for updates as they becoming available.