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Re: "organic/non-organic intelligence gender" <was Re: Ladanandwoman's speak>

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Sunday, June 4, 2000, 3:41
Markus Miekk-oja wrote:
> > >I like this very very much. Same argument as I had with Barry Garcia's > >original proposal: What would cause this system to arise? Government > >language reforms? A scientific language that was adopted to public use? > >Et cetera? I don't know. That's up to the conlanger who goes ahead and > >figures it out in more depth. > > (I'm figuring this out while writing, excuse the perhaps ambiguous / very > incorrect language). > > 1. Certain actions would only be done by AI:s (due to technical reasons) - > thereby, statements > with an organic, a nonorganic intelligent being and a "AI-only verb" would > be interpreted: > "a computer does AI-only verb to an organic-being" (or something). You might > see that this > very much resembles active-stative languages. > > 2. Other actions would be typically human, ... > > 3. Some actions, on the other hand would neither be typically human or AI. > > If the word order lost its importance, due to reasons 1 and 2, reason #3 > would > perhaps trigger a gender-split.
I'm having some trouble thinking of AI only verbs in English, but I could easily see a language having a diferent verb for an AI "thinking" (calculating) and a human thinking. I see what you mean, though, and your right, that's a feasible way for a language to get a gender system like that. -- Robert