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Re : Re: UK Conlangcon

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Date:Wednesday, October 13, 1999, 18:50
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 13/10/99 19:21:16  , And a =E9crit :

> I had been going to take my son to see Toy Story, but his mum can do > that > instead, so I shall come. Please look out for a 30-something man with > short > dark beard & hair & a by no means slender physique, probably (a) seated > on the wall at the top the escalator and (b) wearing a green jacket & > brown chelsea boots. I would be most grateful if anyone thinking they > have spotted me approach me vocally; you may think you have caught my > eye and been ignored, but unless you're standing to my left and less > than a dozen feet away, I probably haven't seen you. > =20 > --And.
too bad i have to attend one of my numerous cousines' wedding party that ver= y=20 day in france. that would have been a very interesting approach to the conlangin= g=20 fauna (any nesting or mating parade otherwise scheduled ?). but i can't escape (you'd better abide your young wedding french cousine=20 schemes, you ol' french conlanging bachelor). anyway, the first UK conlanging meeting was held earlier this year in london= =20 by one british citizen, two dutch(wo)men and a french gaul. rule, eurolandia= ,=20 rule... to be reckoned (thanks a lot, Ray). mathias yet not jeopardizing selling the first conlangers' wildlife picture in the=20 world.