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CONCULTURE: some Old Albic calendar and mythology stuff

From:Jörg Rhiemeier <joerg_rhiemeier@...>
Date:Sunday, February 20, 2005, 18:01

Here's some random assorted stuff about the Old Albic calendar and

The Old Albic calendar is lunisolar and based on the Metonic cycle
(19 years = 235 months, i.e., 7 out of 19 years have a leap-month);
the year begins on the first new moon after the spring equinox.

The year 1 is 1823 BC, the year of the legendary landtaking of the
Elbi.  The reference point for the calendar is actually the
foundation of the High Table (a council to which all Elvish polities
sent delegates and which served to arbitrate in conflicts between
different polities; a sort of "Albic UN") in the year 815 BC,
which is said to have happened "seven gross years after the
Landtaking": seven gross years before 815 BC is 1823 BC.

Now to the mythological stuff: the Three Wars of the Spirits, the
origin of the Moon, the Purpose of humanity and what seems to be
a mythological reflection of the Black Sea Flood.

In the beginning there was the One, who first called the greater and
lesser spirits into being.  The mightiest one of the greater spirits,
however, rebeled against the One and thus became the Adversary.  Some
of the lesser spirits followed him.  Thus, the First War of the
Spirits was fought even before the world was created.

The Second War of the Spirits happened after the world was created,
but before there were human beings.  The Great Spirits took a place
called the White Silver Plain as their earthly abode.  The Adversary
attacked this, ripping it out of the Earth (together with other
damage he wrought) and throwing it high up into the sky where it
remained and became the Moon.  The Great Spirits still have dwellings
on the Moon, but also walk the Earth.  (The Sun was created together
with the Earth.)

After the Second War of the Spirits, the One and the loyal Great
Spirits held counsel on what to do to save the world from further
damage.  Their concern were not only the attacks of the Adversary, but
also a problem with the lesser spirits: being immortal and not bound
in their fate to the world, many of them considered the world to be a
mere game and failed to fulfill their guardian role.  The decision
the One and the Great Spirits made was to create humans - mortal, but
endowed with creativity, with the purpose of preserving the world and
enriching it by creating new, beautiful things.  The Great Spirits
made a great garden by the shores of a lake in the east, and the One
created the first humans, setting them in the garden.

The Adversary, however, set forth to foil this plan.  He led many of
the humans astray such that they forgot their Purpose.  But he failed
to instigate a rebellion of all the humans against their creators.
Thus, he launched an attack on the Garden of Awakening, beginning the
Third War of the Spirits.  The Adversary rent the Earth, and had the
Sea pour into the valley where the Garden of Awakening was set.
The ancestors of the Elbi fled westwards until they finally reached
the British Isles.

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