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Re: Biblical Hebrew or Modern Hebrew?

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Saturday, October 2, 2004, 21:51
On Oct 3, 2004, at 12:47 AM, David H wrote:
> But memorizing words with the correct vowel points gets confusing (and > takes more effort)! But I suppose I should learn them...Do most native > Israeli speakers even know which words use which vowel points (without > consulting a dictionary)? > Thanks
Unfortunately no. Since Modern Israeli Hebrew collapses a number of distinctions encoded in the orthography, both the really old consonant system as well as the c.8th century CE Tiberian vowel system, Israelis are known to make a lot of mistakes when trying to deal with vowels. After all, most Israelis probably hardly ever see vowel marks after they get old enough to read straight text without them. -Stephen (Steg) "involve yourself with the world. reach out. touch. taste. live. trust me on this one, if on nothing else." ~ walter slovotsky, _guardians of the flame_