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Re: Kjaginic: 8 points of articulation

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 30, 2008, 1:31
John Vertical wrote:

> Are there any linguolabials to actually consider, or just in theory?
Just in theory; I don't have any langs with pharyngeals or epiglottals either, so I'd only include them for completeness.
> At any rate, if you want to make it maximally systematic, you could look to > use the inherent 4x2 structure rather than assigning POAs in simple order. > Something like pairing things by stridency: > (labial) 1 - bilabial, 2 - labiodental > (coronal) 3 - plain dental/alveolar, 4 - sibilant dental/alveolar > (dorsal) 5 - palatal/velar, 6 - sibilant postalveolar/uvular > (laryngeal) 7 - glottal, 8 - pharyngeal/epiglottal > > It won't work if you have a velar/palatal contrast, tho, and while tS = > "emphatic" c and q = "emphatic" k individually make sense, pairing the two > looks a little weird. Still, that's how I would probably do it… > > John Vertical
Initially when I had only the 4 POA, I used the palatal column for postalveolar / retroflex sounds (and the Standard Tirelat alveolar affricates, from a merger of the alveolar and retroflex affricates that remain distinct in some Tirelat dialects). But the velars were in a column separate from the palatals. I might have stuck with this system if I didn't have to consider the Tirelat dialects that contrast 5 different places of articulation. I also want it to be useful for other Sangari languages as I discover them; although I'm not familiar with Sangari langs, Kireethin (who are Sangari/Zireen hybrids) have a language (Zharranh) with 6 distinct POA, and Zireen languages (e.g. Virelli) can have up to 7.