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Re: What would this mood be called?

From:Bob Greenwade <bob.greenwade@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 6, 2002, 17:48
At 04:34 PM 3/4/02 +0000, Joe Hill wrote:
>----- Original Message ----- >From: "Bob Greenwade" <bob.greenwade@...> >To: <CONLANG@...> >Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 3:31 PM >Subject: What would this mood be called? > > > > I'm thinking to add to Rav Zarruvo a verb mood whose general sense is, > > "Well, I thought so but now I'm not so sure." It's the sort of thing that > > could be used after discovering that the man you were about to accuse as a > > sniper has Parkinson's disease, or that your stomach wasn't ready for >solid > > food after all. I have no idea what to call this, though. > > > >Retractive? I just made that up...but it sounds about right...
Of the suggestions given, this is the one I went for. It also made me ponder if "mitigative" could be the right word, so I checked some definitions and, while it didn't work, I decided to add that one as well for a sense of "sort of." Also, while adding retractive mood to the text of my Rav Zarruvo grammar, I discovered that it could be used not only for stating a transition from definite to doubtful, but also (when combined with other mood auxiliaries) for any recent transition of mood. For a language that likes to be concise without inflection, this little word has become a gold mine! :-] --- Bob's Original Hero Stuff Page! [Circle of HEROS member] Music from Bob's Computer! (CD now available!) Want more hits to your web page?