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USAGE: turquoise badminton waistcoat (was: Re: USAGERe:Language revival)

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Thursday, December 2, 1999, 23:49
John Cowan wrote:
> undershirt: the garment nearest the skin, sometimes in the form > of a T-shirt, sometimes in the form with two shoulder straps > ("tank tops", though that term is also applied to shirts in this form).
For me, "tank top" can only be worn by itself. An undershirt *must* have another shirt over it to be called an undershirt. A tank-top is an autonomous piece of clothing.
> jacket: the outermost garment. If not part of a suit, it may be > called a "sports jacket". This word is also applied to cold-weather > gear that does not extend below the waist; if it extends below the > waist, it is a "coat".
I distinguish the two by thickness. A jacket is for cool weather or just for looks, while a coat is for cold weather. -- "Old linguists never die - they just come to voiceless stops." - anonymous ICQ: 18656696 AIM Screen-Name: NikTailor