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RV: Guaranm (was: RE: the lonely affricate)

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Monday, June 28, 1999, 13:39
FWIW, I'm resending this since it went to Joshua=20
privately (and it should've gone to the list).

>=20 > Joshua Shinavier <Ajshinav@...> wrote: > >=20 > > So Russian has a 'ch' but no 'j', as does Spanish -- it seems that an=
> > lonely affricate is more popular than a voiced one. Kristian wrote m=
e about
> > a language from Uruguay called Guarani which has a 'j' but no 'ch'. =
> > is the table of consonants as he sent it to me: > >=20 > > p t k ? > > mb nd g > > dZ > > r > > S h > > v > > w l j > > m n J N > > =20 > > A 'j', no 'ch', but the language seems to avoid voiced/unvoice pairs =
> > general. It seems to have chosen the voiced option. Interesting, th=
> > that there is a [S] to go with it. The other option would be a [tS] =
> > a [Z], which looks like it would work out just as well -- though it m=
> > conflict with the [v]. >=20 > I find it very odd that there's only one affricate and it=20 > is voiced, especially there not being voiced (oral) stops. > (in my sources it says <g> is nasal, which I take to be > either prenasalized like <mb>, <nd>, or plainly /N/). >=20 > And that lonely /v/ is strange too... Maybe /dZ/ is a product=20 > of a disimilation of */Z/ from /S/. Compare Japanese /s/ =3D [s] > vs. /z/ =3D [dz]. Or the other way round, /S/ coming from */tS/. >=20 > BTW: Guaran=ED was spoken around the Paran=E1-Paraguay rivers. > It's still spoken as a second native language by a lot of > people in the north-eastern provinces of Argentina, in > Uruguay, and in Paraguay, where it's an official language. > In fact, _paraguay_ is Guaran=ED for "river of ..." (don't > remember what). The last _y_ means "water" or "river", and > it's also found in the name of Iguaz=FA Falls (the world's > largest). _Y guasu_ means "great water(s)". [<y> =3D /i-/, > high central vowel). Certain zones on the Paran=E1 river=20 > (which flows about 3 km east of the place I'm sitting=20 > right now!) are still known as _Paran=E1 Min=ED_ and _Paran=E1 > Guaz=FA_ (_mini_ 'little'?). >=20
--Pablo Flores