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Re: Origin of "rien" and "res"?

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 9, 2007, 0:11
--- Benct Philip Jonsson <conlang@...> wrote:
> > BTW there are other funny words for 'nothing' in > Romance: > Spanish _nada_ comes from people saying _Non video > rem > natam_ 'I don't see a born thing_, and Italian > _niente_, > French _néant_ Provençal _neen/nien_ comes from _ne > inde_. > For some reason _inde_ 'from there' came to be > reinterpreted > as _that_ and _ne inde_ as 'nothing'. The _en_ in > French _je > en crois_ comes from _inde_. > > I'm mulling over whether _ne inde_ might become > _neend > > nein > nain_ rather than _neend > nien_ in my > Romlang #3. > Since the _e_ in _ne_ was long and the _i_ in _inde_ > long > they would both become Vulgar Latin /I/, so the > resulting > /nIInde/ -- reflected as Provençal _neen_ -- should > arguably be able to go either way. I don't think > Provençal > _nien_, Italian _niente_ carry too much weight since > Pr. > normally doesn't diphthongize mid vowels, and > Italian has VL > /E:/ > _ie_ but normally not VL /e:/ > _ei_, unlike > R#3, > which has /e:/ > _ei_ > _ai_. > --
The Carraxan word is _neugari_ from _ne rem regalem_ "not a regal thing." Had I used _ne inde_ it would have become _n~indi_. (I can't get this laptop to type anything but the standard English character set in my email.) Adam 11 Ed ingredjandu ad il bedi, videruns al credura simu al Maja, il seu marri; ad caderuns ed adoruns sivi, ed abriruns uls sustrus tesorus ed eviruns al jura, ul crisu djul Livanunu, ed murra. Machu 2:11