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Re: New Conlang: Emegali Phonology

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Monday, January 28, 2002, 1:38
From: "Anthony M. Miles" <theophilus88@...>

> Emegali is spoken in 3rd millenium BCE Yemen and neighboring regions in a > parallel world by descendants of Semitic peoples who adapted Sumerian > vocabulary to a simplified Semitic structure. They a
> If someone could make suggestions regarding the adaptations of Semitic > sounds to Sumerian ones, I would appreciate it.
Hey since the Akkadians actually had contact with the Sumerians (they conquered them in fact), here's an idea: Proto-Semitic > Akkadian had these sound shifts: Labials: p, b unchanged. Interdental fricatives: dh > z, th > sh, Th' (Arabic Dh) > S (capital letter = emphatic). Dental stops: d, t, T unchanged. Sibilants: sh unchanged. Alveolar affricates: z, s, S unchanged. Lateral fricatives: l unchanged, s' (s-acute) > sh, S' (Arabic D) > S. Velar/uvular stops: g, k, q unchanged. Velar/uvular fricatives: G (gamma) was lost, h_ (chi) > h_. Pharyngeal fricatives: ` (reversed glottal stop) and H (h-stroke) both lost. Glottal stop/fricative: ' (glottal stop) lost, h unchanged. Resonants: m, n, r, w unchanged, y usually lost. Also, Akkadian had four vowels: a, e, i, u (the e may have been a schwa); a, i and u could be short or long. And I don't remember exactly what Sumerian had in the way of phonology; I don't even know if that's even universally agreed on since the language after all was written in cuneiform logographs and not phonetic glyps like Ugaritic and Old Persian were. ~Danny~ _________________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Get your free address at