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Re: most looked-up words

From:Tristan Mc Leay <conlang@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 7, 2004, 0:39
And Rosta wrote:

> > >lists the top 10 words most looked up in the online dictionary >(excluding hard-to-spell words like _accommodate_ and words >whose tabooness imparts a frisson to their looking up). > >1. blog >2. incumbent >3. electoral >4. insurgent >5. hurricane >6. cicada >7. peloton : noun (1951) : the main body of riders in a bicycle race >8. partisan >9. sovereignty >10. defenestration > >For most of the entries it's easy to see why they're on the list, >but _cicada_, _peloton_ (a word wholly new to me) and >_defenestration_ perplex me. Perhaps in my habitual failure to >heed the News, I have missed major stories on these topics? > >
I imagination 'defenestration' found it's way because it's such a cool word, who else would've thought there'd be a word for throwing things out of windows?
>At any rate, I will wager that no conlang has words for all 10. >My conlang has no word for any of the 10. But one supersized >all-American kudo to the conlang with the words for the most >of the 10... > >
Also, ten points to anyone who can tell me what a 'kudo' is. (I have none I don't think---but I'm currently cleaning up my bedroom to find my Føtisk notebook and I might have a word for 'sovereignty' (or a very simple & productive way of getting to it from 'king').) -- Tristan.


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