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Logical Lingo

From:Abrigon Gusiq <abrigon@...>
Date:Saturday, July 6, 2002, 5:15
How about a lingo that you can quickly tell what the word means, and learn it
cause it is regular.

Based on a three consonant ideal. Sort of like how Arabic works.

SVO I like the best. But I speak English.

Is the word for a thing, an emotion, an action. Is the thing living dead, the
subject or object?
How many of the things, actions are there?
Is it past, present, future or possible?
Is the speaker included in the subject, or no?

The Man is to go to the store.

The Man, a living thing male, singular, the speaker is not included.

He is physically moving, singular, since he is not doing more than one thing.
Mobile via personal means (walking versus driving versus flying).

The Store, a place (thing?) of what? I expect you would have to make things
more specific of what sort of store, or have a general tab.

Store, a place of merchandise, object, singular. I expect you can get more
specific of what the store is, distance.

What else?

Viktoro wrote:

> Vong, a created tonal art language. A language with three tones: rising, > falling, and even. Reminiscent of Chinese and Vietnamese. 1600-word > vocabulary. > > > > --Viktoro
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