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From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Monday, April 17, 2006, 0:02
I'm becoming more and more convinced that I want to set the Br'ga contime
at the modern day.

I'm also hatching a devious plan to include in their diet a modern
survival of the Anomolocarids. I'm having a tough time coming up exactly
with the physical description of the species(es) yet, though.

I'm hatching another plan related to the very starting blocks of a new

Here's the phonology:

Onsets: p t s ts S tS K tK k l r\ w j m n N Zero
Vowels: i e E i\ A u o i: e: E: i\: A: u: o: ei Ei i\i Ai i\u Au ou
Codas: p b t d s ts S tS K tK k g l r\ //N// Zero
Glottalization: Plain or Glottalized

Glottalization is inserted before short vowels (as ejectivity on the
onset), and in the middle of long vowels and diphthongs (as a glottal

//N// assimilates to the POA of the onset or to n if no onset.

Thus, the following are valid words:

u pi tsE:l k_>Ab r\E?En NAuN je?iJ

Romanization is as IPA, except:

S -> x
(and thus tS -> tx)
K -> lh
tK -> tl
r\ -> r
j -> y
E -> ê
A -> a
N -> ñ
i\ -> ù
_> -> '
? -> '
Long Vowel -> Doubled

//N//, as in Br'ga, is written |m| when assimilating to a labial, |n| when
assimilating to an apical (or Zero) and |ñ| when assimilating to a dorsal.

Thus, the examples above are written:

u pi tsêêl k'ab rê'ên ñauñ ye'iñ

The grammar is isolating, and modifier-head, and as far as I can tell
works by using big long sets of particles and a smallish (but far from
tiny) set of roots.