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New and Improved Script....

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, March 16, 2000, 10:49
Well, not quite. Actually I have just a new style for the Saalangal script
(Ranaka), which was inspired by the lettering style I had seen on a
picture of a sign from Thailand. It's easily written with your basic
calligraphic pen, which makes it a calligraphic style. It's a little rough
on some edges  but it's still pretty nice.I hope you find it pleasing.

Oh the order of the glyps is (from left to right top to bottom): a, e, i,
o, u, ba, da, ga, ha, ka, la, ma, na, pa, ra, sa, ta, wa, ya, cha, nga,
ay, aw, ey, oy, iw, glottal stop, accent, e-i diacritic, o-u diacritic, ay
diac, aw diac., ey diac., oy diac., iw diac., virama (vowel killer)

I've also decided on a few changes (minor). The diacritic mark for 'ey'
(/ej/) is now an inverted 'v' (macron, right?), and the accent follows the
syllable it accents, instead of going above it. If a syllable with a
glottal stop is accented, then the accent goes between the syllable and
the glottal stop. I can consider the alteration of the accent placement a
recent innovation (since I do have that small "artefact" with the accents
above the  syllable).


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