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Poll by Email No. 15

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Saturday, June 15, 2002, 20:14
        This week's poll is brought to you by Jan van Steenbergen, who asks, "How
well do you know/speak/write your own conlang(s)?"
        I know/speak/write at least one of my conlangs:
        A. Fluently.
        B. Proficiently.
        C. Pretty well.
        D. I could ask, "Where's the toilet?" and understand the answer.
        E. I could ask, "Where's the toilet?" but probably wouldn't understand the
        D. "Where's the toilet?" Let me look it up in my dictionary...
        F. My conlang doesn't have any words yet.
        G. I have no conlang! I'm just hanging out with all you cool people!

        Please note that for those conlangs that do not have a word for "toilet" or
whose concultures believe that toilets are not to be mentioned in public, or
who just go behind a bush, the answers should not be taken literally.

The Rules:
        Let's see how many of you remember the rules! ;>


Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>Oops! Mistake!
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