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Re: Japanese "good", consonant clusters etc.

From:Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...>
Date:Sunday, January 4, 2004, 7:03
Axiem wrote:
> > _bijin (no)_, "good-lookin'" (woman, girl) > > "Bijin", by kanji, is "bi" ("beautiful") and "jin" ("person"), so this is > more of a "beautiful person".
Well, according to my kanji dictionary, _bijin_ is "beautiful woman", and I have only heard it used of a woman myself. Given the literal meaning, I would assume it originally applied to both men and women, but I don't know for sure. The kanji for "beauty" is rather interesting. :-) "sheep" + "big" A big sheep was a desirable thing, thus the combination was used for "desirable", which came to mean "beautiful" -- "There's no such thing as 'cool'. Everyone's just a big dork or nerd, you just have to find people who are dorky the same way you are." - overheard ICQ: 18656696 AIM Screen-Name: NikTaylor42


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