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Re: CHAT: (no subject)

From:Aquamarine Demon <aquamarine_demon@...>
Date:Friday, November 16, 2001, 22:46
>Not by a long road, Old Person!
OLD person?! Right....
>The youngest conlanger known to our community is, I think, about >4. Her work _was_ part of a website somewhere, but I've misplaced >the url. It was, perhaps, a year ago that she was first mentioned >here; but I don't think anything has been divulged since. > >Padraic.
FOUR?!! Are you serious? Holy cow....
>That would be my grandniece, Delaney Bell. See > She >started >at 6 actually. > >Stay curious, >David
Six! Still... amazing! Truly. The Aquamarine Demon Gesám ayi mozuká. Gesám dohíng mozuká. Gesám adohíng mozuká! --------------------------------- Do You Yahoo!? Find the one for you at Yahoo! Personals.