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Re: CHAT: (no subject)

From:Stefan Koch <oneofthree@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 8:56
En réponse à "Thomas R. Wier" <trwier@...>:

> That's something I've never mastered: when are the phonemic vowels > present? The only time I get them right is when they're marked > orthographihcally: <Stadt> (city) vs. <Staat> (state). > (Or did I get that wrong too?)
Well. As Christophe wrote 'h' lenghtens a vowel but is not used after /i/. Instead /i/ uses 'e' (or 'eh' in a very few places). Then of course doubeling a vowel makes it long (/i/ can never be doubled). On the other hand a vowel followed by two or more consonants is short. For example: Stadt, Wand, Welt, wann?.... Stefan -- GMX - Die Kommunikationsplattform im Internet.


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