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From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Saturday, October 14, 2000, 5:13
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>> "áflica" is a verb which refers (intransitively) to a flame burning out,
>> (transitively) putting out a (controlled) fire. It can also mean to >> euthanize or to die in a certain way, like in one's sleep. Ghastly, eh? >> Urgh. It's here as a noun by zero-morpheme derivation because I haven't >> quite invented the derivational morphology yet. > >What a wonderful word! Well, ghastly meaning, but wonderful idea all the >same.
Well, it hasn't got negative connotations, for all that is in there, so it's not _so_ bad...
>> Oh, if anyone wants to see what it's really supposed to look like (both >> Romanized with diacritics and in the native script) you can look here: >> > >I like. :-) How did you devise the script? Some of the symbols vaguely >remind me of determinatives in hieroglyphics, not that that's a subject I >know much about. (Urgh...I almost typed "determinants" instead--proof >that I've been doing too many proofs thereon.)
The most part of it is from... hrff.. apparently a much-modified version of what's labelled in my notes as "Nabatean". (It'd be in Daniels and Bright somewhere.) The rest (in this example, the "A" and the "E") are lifted from Greek. The shapes of some of the letters have shifted slightly since I made the font that picture used. Plus there's a "lower-case" version, which I didn't use here 'cause it's con-anachronistic. *Muke! --