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Re: CHAT: (no subject)

From:17.hzV.tRL.478 <f1f0@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 3, 1999, 12:50
zvrl l!f 4rmz
>My recommendation for N N? Become extremely famous. Then people >will wander through any nonsense you crank out, assuming there's >something wonderful to be found there. +?
>something wonderful to be found there. +?
>entice people
m=10zt unzan!tar! +?
>>> Esp. for us who are not native speakers of English. It is almost an ins=
>>> to us!
m=10zt unzan!tar! +? o. zplendor !deale +? perm!t zom1 2 fa!nt +? =3D 0+0 nat!v zpeakerz ov engL!sh +?
>Note: a more consistently phonemic spelling would be OK with me, >>> but NN's stuff is just a show-off...
me!k!ng a!z et !u +? !t !zant fonem!k et ol jazt a fardzar perversz!on of dze olred! per versz !ngl!sh zpel!ng plus sam logo greamz
>It isn't phonemic at all. Just a further perversion of the already >perverse English spelling + some logograms.
!t =3D 2 destro! dze tendenss+e 2wardz klass!kl + neoklass!kl eku!l!br!um + = 2 kr!ajt 1 neu d!zeku!l!br!um - 2 enga!j !n dze prozesz ov kreat!v deztrukz!on - dzat =3D dze role asz!gnd 2 dze !nnovatorz !n 1 b!t soc!et+e.
>It is to destroy the tendency towards classical and neo classical >equilibrium and to create one new disequilibrium; to engage in the process =
>creative deconstruction. This is the role assigned to innovators in one bit >society.
d.akord +?
>perverse English spelling
fasc!zm =3D 1 mass movmnt +?
>Interesting=F6y the equals sign >derives from a Tironic note for "est"!
=3D auaer ov `=3D` h!ztor! +? - nato.macht.fre!++ Barry Garcia <Barry_Garcia@...> If i cant easily read something (that's supposed to be written in English) i just throw it away. The Line is life NOT [English] humans. ___________ ^^^^ $$$$$