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From:Kevin Athey <kevindeanathey@...>
Date:Monday, April 4, 2005, 18:00
I've been playing around with kinship terms for a recent project of mine as
I was trying to sleep last night.  I am aware that there are languages where
there are sibling terms that can only be used for a sibling of an ego of a
specific gender (i.e. a word that means a sister's sister, but nothing to a
brother, or whatever), and I was wondering if there is any natlang with a
similar term (actually a pair of terms) for the son and daughter of a mother
(but not a father).

The system I'm thinking of would be something like this:
A:  son, but only of a female ego (a man cannot have a B)
B:  daughter, but only of a female (a man cannot have a B)
C:  son of a male ego, son of the ego's sister
D:  daughter of a male ego, daughter of the ego's sister
E:  son or daughter of the ego's brother or the ego's in-laws
F:  mother
G:  father, mother's brother, (also probably step-father)
H:  mother's sister, (also probably step-mother)
I:  father's brother, mother's sister's husband
J:  father's sister, father's brother's husband

While I'm on the topic, what sort of non-L1 kinship systems have people put
in their conlangs?  I'm curious to see.


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