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Re: CHAT: (no subject)

From:Heather Rice <florarroz@...>
Date:Sunday, September 23, 2001, 6:17
Grushk  klu klu            Bluebird   chuckles(verb)
Tada viv                    Woodpecker   buzzes(verb)
Gad  yaglo                  Bluejay   warbles(verb)
Wadwi tyi                   Bobwhite   whistles(verb)

A fa val li fal   And more beautiful than all
Yli D'rac                     Breath of-forrest
Snetwin a snechlayn  C-E-tweet-3p. and C-E-sing-3p
Chilayi cana on           Song haunt his (possesive pronoun)

A uine!                  And look! (no morphology, just some
word that
                                        sounds right)
Vultsu siya                    Sky W-I-Hm-brighten
Syer sishla                  Cloud W-I-Hm-tearapart

Sfi -dgo                           Com-NP-I   do(verb)
Sfi d'yayl mgo             Com-NP-I  day make(verb)
Sfi keu gwlo                 Com-NP-I  work(noun) finish(verb)
Sfi -dgo                Com-NP-I  painter do(verb)