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Discussion about historic folks was Re: Fruitcakes

From:Balazs Sudar <conlang@...>
Date:Friday, May 3, 2002, 7:03
Roger Mills wrote:

> All this knowledge could not possibly have arisen > natively............therefore.......... > (Never mind too that the pyramids date from around 2000 BCE(?), Teo. > probably is early CE, and Angkor is 1000-1400 CE. The things people get > away with on TV!!!!!!!!!)
Why not? People of modern times think always noone could know more than them. That's because they know the world always better. The world of the european knowledge grew surely fast, but people always forget, that this knowledge has taken nothing from other cultures like China, Indian kingdoms, Aztecs, Incas... And only little from Egypt. You can't say: "When we began to learn the world there was nothing we could take from them" because there were no communication between these cultures. All we think they were not able to do are things we can do now. Why could these things not come from them? For all that you mentioned they needed only mathematics and astronomy... And you use lots of rules in mathematics that are still named after their greek inventor! That means they could know lots of mathematics. So why not? Because Discovery Channel says they could not do this? That their civilization was a simple one? Yes, if we see it was free of all negative things of today. But that means not that their knowledge must be less than ours (at least in some things)! I would not believe everything I see on Discovery Channel, because many times they show only meanings. They say it's historically true, but these things are not the result of a historical research. Maybe you could take some books and read them (and watch before from whom they come). Only an opinion.... Ciao: Balazs