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List archives -- many old listserv logs have moved.

From:David G. Durand <dgd@...>
Date:Friday, January 22, 1999, 17:09
   The disks at Brown's LISTERV have been filling up with old logs, and
they haven't been investing in Mainframe disk too much recently, so they
don't have room for our ever-expanding archives. This may change again in
the future, when they move the listserv software to some Unix machine. In
the meantime, I've had to move a bunch of old files, so that service won't
be suspended on the lists when the disk fills up.

   The upshot of all this is that many "older" archives have moved.
(AUXLANG: all of '97; Conlang: all of '97, and up to September of '98).

   You can get these by anonymous FTP to This is a
temporary home!

There is a directory /pub/sgml/xlang_archives which contains gzipped copies
of all the listserv logs. The Ursula FTP server is picky about logins --
you must login as ftp or anonymous, and give a _valid_ email address.

The knowledgeable will realize that there's only a marginal connection
between SGML and artficial languages, but that's the public FTP directory I
had available on short notice.

Many apologies to the AUXLANG folks, as that list was held for quite a
while, waiting for me to find a couple of hours to fix this. (I had to
write scripts to send an email message for each of the files moved! Still,
several hundred messages later on my part and the servers, and we're up and
running, with two incompatible archival systems).

I"m sorry for the inconvenience, but there really wasn't much choice!

   -- David
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