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Fonts, was Re: New to list

From:Theodore Kloba <ted.kloba@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 13, 1999, 17:44
At 05:52 PM 10/13/1999 +0100, Paul Bennett wrote:
> >I'm only a novice as well, but you appear (at a breif glance) to have done
>interesting work. I've recently started making fonts, and your scripts look >straightforward enough to provide me with something to cut my teeth on.
>you like a TTF (or a Type 1) of either or both of your scripts? Would you
>if I made some anyway?
Would I mind? See my notes about "Open Content" and have fun! Actually, I've already made a font for "Abibin." I needed it in order to create the chart and the sample sentences. I'm not totally happy with it though. I could send you the TTF if you'd like to try improving it. I don't have a proper font creation program, so I just used CorelDRAW! to create & export to TTF. It was a trick getting the vowel marks to land before the cursor (on the previous character) and not advance. The vertical spacing is also a problem because of the long descenders. As for "Agryziexabieuie," I need to finalize the choice of characters first. If you look at the Georgian and Armenian fonts on, you can get an idea of the "feel" I wanted.