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Re: initial /dr/ & /tr/

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Monday, November 19, 2007, 23:55

Reilly Schlaier writes:
> i pronounce them as [dZr] and [tSr] > anybody else do that?
I am sure you mean [tSr\]? (The rhotic is not an alveolar trill, as you wrote, is it?) If so, probably many do that. The [Z] and [S] are epenthetic sounds that creep in because the [r\] is probably a postalveolar approximant for you, i.e., it is pronounced just where the [Z] and [S] are. I mentioned once that there are some German dialects that have an alveolar approximant for their /r/, which sounds quite similar to a typical postalveolar English /r/ (because the dialect isn't well-known, speakers are sometimes mistaken to be from America, speaking 'very good German'...). In these dialects, the /tr/ is [ts_ar\], i.e., an (apical) alveolar fricative creeps in. The phenomenon is quite common, because when you have a stop before an approximant, you need to open the stop to reach the approximant 'passing' through a degree of more friction -- a fricative. It is quite natural if you build up a little pressure during the closure of the stop. **Henrik


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