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Re: USAGE: Adrian's vowel disorder

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Thursday, November 30, 2000, 23:04
Vasiliy Chernov wrote, quoting myself:

> > More seriously, I realised too late that I forgot to include the > > vowel in all/wall/call. > > Different from the vowel in _saw_? (It would be interesting!)
Yes, but phonemically the same, which is probably why I forgot it. It's a regular modification before /l/ in the same syllable (e.g. consider _core_ vs _call_). Basically tighter, with lips more protruded.
> Which of the two do you hear in _water_? In _talk_?
As in _saw_, since these do not precede [l].
> There's a lot of other dialectologically important words. E.g.: > > Half/calf:palm/calm:ask/bask/pass:grant/can't(:father):part/heart;
All of these are [a:] to me. I'll rearrange your second list so that the words in each row have the same vowel or dipthong unless stated otherwise.
> doer:pure/fewer (the latter two with initial [j]) > poor/your/store/lord/board/sort/talk > soft/often/dog/log/lock/stock > do:dew/due (the latter two with initial [j]) > roll/coal
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