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Re: Old archives

From:Rick Morneau <ram@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 24, 2001, 17:56
> > By the way, I was just curious when Conlang started and who started > it. Does anyone remember? I know there's some people who have been > here for quite a while if not since the beginning. Anyone know who the > oldest current member is? >
I signed up shortly after it started, but I don't remember the exact date. I believe that it was John Ross that started the list on a computer at Boston University (USA). My earliest post to the list was dated June or July 1991, so I'm probably one of the earliest members. Other oldtimers include Rick Harrison, John Cowan, And Rosta, Prentiss Riddle, Jonathan Pool, Ken Beesley, Dorai Sitaram, Bob LeChevalier, Mark Shoulson, J