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conlang punctuation

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry@...>
Date:Thursday, August 19, 2004, 15:24
Trebor Jung <treborjung@...> skribis:

>¡Küs. [kys] (=Hi! in Kosi, colloquial form. Do any other conlangs use the >combination of inverted question mark and/or inverted exclamation point plus >period?)
gjax-zym-byn doesn't use inverted question or exclamation mark, but it does begin emphasized sentences with sentence-type marks and end all sentences with period. *tq hoq. 2SG VOC Hi! ?niqm-noq-tq-van. name-Q-2SG-V.STATE What's your name? !runx-zox mwe tyn koq rq. go-V.ACT IMP place this.1 from Go away! * marks emphasized statements and exlamations, ! marks commands, ? marks questions. I also use ~~~ instead of ... for ellipsis, and {} instead of "" for quotation marks. Theoretically .. and ... have special meanings (end of paragraph and end of chapter) but I don't use them consistently. " is used to mark proper names. Underlining indicates a newly-coined word that needs to be entered in the lexicon ASAP. :) Hmm... I might find use for inverted question and exclamation after all. Maybe to distinguish positive and negative questions, or yes/no vs. open-ended questions; and to distinguish suggestions from commands. ?pq hxy-i tq-vax-onx-zox zoqn. 3SG patient-to 2SG-digestive_system-into-V.ACT Q Are you going to eat that? ¿kujm noq rq rynq-poq-tq-zox. reason which? from do-that.3-2SG-V.ACT Why are you doing that? - Jim Henry