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From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Thursday, March 11, 2004, 1:23
> Scriptum est: > > > So perhaps instead we should assume that > > the conlanger default is intelligent + dilatory + unmethodical > > & instead enquire whether anybody isn't dilatory + unmethodical. > > Herman Miller strikes me as unusually methodical & undilatory, > > for instance. Certainly not dilatory, at any rate. (NB Dilatory > > != propensity to inflate!)>> > > > This definition of _dilatory_ bothered me immediately, since I too have > been accused of being so............ Turns out there is a second, related > sense > of dilate: "to delay, to defer", adj. dilatory 'tending to delay, > defer' which I think fits most of us better than "tending to > inflate"......:-))))
As it happens, my behaviour tends to be /'dIl@tri/ and my waist tends to be /daI'leItri/, but be that as it may, in "!=", the "!" is a negator. Though some conlangers are /daI'leItri/ but not /'dIl@tri/, such as John Cowan, I gather, it is indeed /'dIl@trin@s/ that I take to be a default trait of Johnny Conlanger. --And.


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