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Olá amigos conlangers!

From:Falcata <falcata.lusitanea@...>
Date:Saturday, May 20, 2006, 13:09
My name is Jorge, and I’m Portuguese.

This is my first post here even though I’ve registered myself a couple of
weeks ago (haven’t had much spare time).


So, here goes a small intro of myself:

I’m bearded, right-handed, straight and not sure if I’ve some Lithuanian
blood in my veins (my great-great-…-great-grandfather was found, in 1889, on
the doorstep of a monastery in Portugal while he was a baby, and he was
definitely of northern European origin, probably a son of a refugee, but
that’s all we know…)

I’m married and have a 6 yr. old boy.


My L1 is Portuguese, L2 is English, and I also know Spanish, Italian, French
and Russian. I’m now studying Mandarin Chinese.


My first contact with conlangs was when I was 14, back in 1989. Me and a
classmate came up with a conscript, so we could write each other without the
fear of getting caught ‘saying’ improper stuff. We first used Portuguese but
evolved to something which was our first conlangs, using Portuguese phonetic
slang with invented words to simplify the writing. Unfortunately all of it
is lost.


Presently, I’m working on four conlangs (all a priori conlangs), one of them
is logographic.






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