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replies re constitution of Conlang list (was: Re: Conlang T-S hirt)

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Saturday, January 29, 2000, 19:03
Replies to stuff from early November. [Soz if this got sent twice.]

John Cowan:
> Historically, this list was created as an anti-Lojban list of sorts,
That's not my recollection. Rich H (IIRC) was anti and rude about Lojban ("Logjam"), but I don't recall any sense of it as being created as an anti-Lojban list. Irina Rempt-Drijfhout
> I was on the origibal conlang list in 1995 and left it because of the > prevailing hostile attitude to artlangs and artlangers: every time I > posted something about Valdyan it was dismissed, often patronizingly, > as if I was a child with a toy gun in a military barracks (cute, but > no use at all). That discouraged me so much that I stopped posting, > and almost stopped conlanging.
I find this surprising. The only antiartlanging of any stripe on this list that I recall was Lojbab's benign incomprehension in the very early weeks or months of the list. Also, in my unreliable mental chronology of things, by 1995 people like David Bell, Matt, Dirk and Tommaso had joined and the list had at long last irrevocably swung towards artlangs. Raymond Brown:
> But to move all artlang topics from this list would, I think, kill it > off. When one's removed auxlangs & artlangs there's not a great deal left. > > Oh yes, I know - there are loglans. But I suspect if one were specifically > interested in them one would be on, say, the lojban list.
Lojban list is not a general loglang forum (Did you mean "Loglans", or did you mean "Loglangs"? I took you to mean the latter.). But there is not much demand for such a forum, and the only reason for setting one up would be for people who didn't want to have subscribe to Conlang & get loads of stuff irrelevant to loglangs. I doubt there are significantly many such people. Lars Henrik Mathiesen:
> And by the way, who can say that less artistry went into the creation > of Volap|k or Esperanto than Sindarin?
Me. --And.