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Font Software: (Was: Re: on second thought... (posted at Joshua Shinavier's request))

From:Tony Harris <tony.harris@...>
Date:Monday, March 1, 1999, 21:29
>> There's a Valdyan font in existence, but that's also being reworked >> (my husband's boss bought him a new font editor :-) When we get a >> scanner, I intend to do a scan of a page of manuscript of "Grandpa >> and the Dragon" and put that on the web page with the text. > >I started on two fonts for Aroven, but I still need a font editor to
>the images I scanned. I've tried some of the shareware programs but they >didn't work on my system -- and of course Fontographer costs something like >$300 -- absurd, at least for someone who wants to make only a couple of
>just for the fun of it. I might resort to a "warez" source I know of for >Fontographer
How about "Softy"? This shareware package was discussed on Conlang some time ago. I downloaded it and played with it, but I confess I haven't used it much so I'm not able to give an unqualified endorsement. The homepage is at: Alternatively, in the past I've used a package called "Type Designer" which at the time cost US$119. I don't have any purchase info on that one, but I suspect a search of the web would turn something up. The original publisher is a German company whose name I don't remember, but there is a US reseller. Type Designer is what I used to make the Aluric Font, which I actually need to revisit and clean up. Tony Harris Community College of Vermont