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YAAL: Chazhsu

From:Tristan Alexander McLeay <anstouh@...>
Date:Sunday, December 9, 2001, 3:15
Chazhsu /ka_H_Tsu_B/ is an IAL designed to fix up all the worlds problems.

Features of Kazsu are:
 A (C)V syllable structure, not that any other kind exists.

 A monosyllabic root system (this makes for quicker talking. If every word
 had umpteen gillion syllables, speaking would take much too long).

 Twelve tones (very high level, high level, medium levl, low level, very
 low level, rising, falling, high rising, high falling, low rising, low
 falling, rising falling, very high falling, very low rising).

 Fourteen other phonemes (/p/ <p/b>, /t/ <t/d>, /k/ <c/g>, /f/ <f/v>,
 /s/ <s/x>, /l/ <r/rr>, /m/ <m/mm>, /n/ <n/nn>, /N/ <ng/nq>, /a/ <a>,
 /i/ <i>, /u/ <u>, /e/ <e>, /3\:/ <o>).

 No genders.

 Five hundred and forty-nine roots, from which any word can be derived.

 A script containing five hundred and forty-nine individual symbols, which
 (co-incidentally) correspond to the five hundred and forty-nine roots
 (now _that's_ what I call convenience).

 No ambiguity whatsoever.

 However, the Latinisation leaves something to be desired. Perhaps even a
 bit more than just something.

 Four months, two weeks, one day, five hours, six minutes and 49.36
 seconds after the entire world uses this language, all the world's
 problems will be solved and we will be living in peace and harmony.

 When I'm ruler of the world, it will be the official (indeed, only)
 language (so it's best you start learning it now).

Some grammar:

 Word order: OVS

  The tense particles are added anywhere in the sentence, preferably in
  the vicinity of, or at least the same sentence as, the verb.
  Really deep past:  pofi       /p3\:_Mfi_M/
  Past:              plofi      /p3\:_Tfi_M/
  Yesterday:         phozhfhizh /p3\:_H_Tfi_H_T/
  Present:           pjofhizh   /p3\:_Bfi_H_T/
  Tomorrow:          pjofli     /p3\:_Bfi_T/
  Future:            phozhji    /p3\:_H_Tfi_B/
  Really far future: bofil      /p3\:_T_Bfi_B_T/
  Never:             polvi      /p3\:_B_Tfi_T_B/
  Unknown:           bovi       /p3\:_T_Bfi_B_T/

Chazhsu is Copyright (c) 2001 Tristan Alexander McLeay under the
Australian _Copyright Act 1968_ (as ammended), but don't let that stop you
from speaking and posting in it!


War doesn't prove who's right, just who's left.
                       - BSD Games' Fortune


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