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CHATter: Glosa exiles (was Re: ,Language' in language name?)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Monday, December 3, 2001, 7:45
I wrote:

> czHANg, exile from auxlangs Glosa and Interlingua AND the AuxLang list! > (they never got my sense of humour, or my sense of the absurd or my sarcasm > even when marked ;) at least here it's regarded almost as a prerequiste
> membership [I said _almost_, dammit] ;)
In a message dated 02.12.2001 10:53:30 PM, tb0pwd1@CORN.CSO.NIU.EDU writes in response to my email:
>You're a Glosa exile too? Welkcome to the club.
Yep. Damn bloody proud of the fact too (I pissed-off Wendy Ashby - one of the Glosa "founding members" or whatever - by my insistence that Glosa needed to be way more fun and naturalistic if it was to get any popular interest, pointin' out Klingon's subcultural popularity). & a lotta Glosa peeps I corresponded with had no clue what I meant by referring to pidgin and creole languages, "contact languages," etc! Mosta the _plu/poli Glosa-pe_ have no clue to even the most basic problems of interlinguistics/auxlang theories... I would even dare say they have no grasp at all of basic linguistic theory (even less than my grasp of linguistics & that is not sayin' much for them ;) czHANg, who insists & knows that ConLangers have more overall fun than AuxLangers (and not only that, have better overall socialization - & email - skills...*gigglabyte*) enuff said on this... ::goes back to tweakin' Lego... with real gusto & a wicked grin & tongue-firmly-in-cheek::


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