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OT: Sitcoms (< Another terminology query)

Date:Monday, March 24, 2008, 0:00
> [] On Behalf Of Ph. D.
> li_sasxsek wrote:
> > G.A. is one of my alltime favorite shows, and yes it's a > > bit of a spinoff from Petticoat Junction. I don't ever > > recall any crossover with B.H. though, but it's not a > > show I've watched very much.
> Yes, G.A. is probably my all-time favorite sitcom. > > Paul Henning was the creator of all three shows. More > info here: > >
I won't say the absolute favorite, but probably running about third behind Get Smart and Married: With Children. I don't find it too surprising to find G.A. fans on a list like this though. A lot of the humor is in the way they play with words, especially making fun of Eva Gabor's Hungarian accent and often talking about the credit or subtitles on the screen.


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