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an overview of the nazya family (warning: unicode out the wazoo)

From:Matt Arriola <azathoth500@...>
Date:Saturday, April 30, 2005, 15:25
ok, i got bored and decided to do another comparison thing. latelyi've been
working on fleshing out the nazya family and giving it somereal modern
languages and i started a second sub-family branching offZat along with Kur. i
got two languages: Cha and Kjə. here's somebasic overview of the changes
leading up to modern Cha and Kjə (asidefrom numerous sound changes):
Kia (parent language of Cha and Kjə):- splits off before Kur develops, meaning
there are no nasal vowelsand the consonants that cause them are still present-
dative merges with genitive, instrumental with ablative, andillative with
terminative, leaving the nominative, accusative,genitive, locative, ablative,
and terminative- word order switches from VOS to OVS, with adverbs preceding
Cha:- genitive case merges with terminative- adverbs follow verbs- all plural
personal endings are lost- relative pronouns are derived from the
Kjə:- locative case merges with genitive- long vowels no longer ablaut in the past
tense- aorist marker fuses with the past tense personal endings- a new fully
fusional tense-mood paradigm
pronunciation:Kur: grave accent = low tone, acute accent = high tone, tilde = nasal, Y = /1/Cha:
ogonek = nasal, Ğ = /G/, È = /7/, Å = /O/, Ž = /Z/, Y = /y/, C =/x/, J =
/j/Kjə: macron = long, Ħ = /ħ/, Y = /y/, J = /j/
English: And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, whichthe children of man had built.
Kur: Zàt hizuslát Hòzwáan, hizuhà gebuk kã̀ wáesak, hikusakd slyzètu
zókes.Then AOR-3rd-come ONGUR-NOM, SUBJ-3rd-see city-ACC and
tower-ACC, children-NOM person-GEN.PL
Cha: Nąt slaz Hoğzok gèmbykə ąkə wåeskə tik gambydž sliau zoct yhaz.Then
came-3rd ONGUR.NOM city-ACC and tower-ACC built-3rd that-ACCchild-NOM.PL
person-TRM.PL SUBJ.PAST-saw-3rd.
Kjə: Nåt slåys Hūəjzok ōkħt sliak ğå wåesk sōkys sleu zōkzūə
hūəjəs.Then come-3rd.PAST ONGUR.NOM city-ACC and
tower-ACCbuild-3rd.PAST child-NOM.PL person-GEN.PL see-3rd.PAST.
and just for fun, a comparison with Igur, four branches separated:
Tal güvit goi daplana ka goi dametha aivosa gu natüeun nanocith zucthuenev Nuongur teülu.
(hint: there are five cognates, see if you can find them)