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From:Brian Betty <bbetty@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 9, 1999, 16:11
I forget who brought up the unusual change of s > f in a French Jewish
dialect (was it Shuadit?), ie. Hebrew su^s > Shuadit fu:f, but I just found
another example:

French me'tis > Me'tis [the French dialect spoken by a mixed-blood native
group in Canada) /micif/, where c = English ch (ie, the language name is
nowadays spelled Michif or Mitchif).

Does anyone know where I can get more information about Me'tis? While not a
Me'tis, I am me'tis, and the whole history of me'tis groups in Canada is
interesting to me, particularly re: languages and language change in
peripheral, mixed-blood groups.

Yes, this *is* for a conlang! So it's ontopic, 'kay?


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