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Re: Double letters in Han-geul.

From:Sanghyeon Seo <sanxiyn@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 3, 2005, 0:30
On 5/3/05, Steven Williams <feurieaux@...> wrote:
> What are the function of/reason for the double finals > in Han-geul (i.e., -lm, -ls, etc.)? As far as I can > tell, they're not pronounced, but I still can't figure > out why they're there. Are they the remnants of > formerly-pronounced final clusters, or something else?
(with his native speaker of Korean hat on:) No, they are pronounced, but only by liaison when followed by vowel. For example, /kaps/ "price" is pronounced [kap], but when followed by subject marker -i, /kaps i/ is pronounced []. However, when followed by commitative -kwa, /kaps kwa/ is pronounced [kap.k'wa], without [s]. (apostrophe in k' is to indicate this k is a tense sound. When two stops run together, the second one become tense.) Yes, it is the remnants of Middle Korean in some way. It is believed that /kaps kwa/ was once pronounced [kap skwa], but phonotactics changed to prevent syllable initial cluster, and [sk] turned to [k']. Seo Sanghyeon