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Conlangea Multilingual Phrasebook, 2nd Ed.

From:Donald Boozer <donaldboozer@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 2, 2005, 17:46
I've decided to take the challenge posed by Roger
Mills <rfmilly@...> for newer members to take a
stab at the phrasebook. Below is my attempt at Section
1 in Elasin. Could someone point me to the remainder
of the book on the web? I will apologize for the
length of the post, and I would appreciate any
feedback my fellow conlangers are willing to give. Be
gentle on the X-SAMPA transliterations, it's my first

A Traveller’s Phrasebook:


Aulemwatu shemul ebek! [Au.le.mwa”tu Se.mul” e”bEk]
Aule-mwa-tu shemu-l ebek
Pleasing-is-it seeing-you me (DAT)
Seeing you is pleasing to me!

If the parting is taking place outside:
Maka nitaloth sharinen! [mA”k@ ni.tAl”OT Sa”rinEn]
Ma-ka nital-oth sharine-n
Walking-IMP light-ACC sun-GEN
Walk in the light of the sun!

Reply: Avu li’i [A”vu li?i]
And you. (the final ‘i is part of the conjunction
particle set avu...i)

Said to the party staying inside:
Shivwagi thelanam ebel. [Sivwa”gi Te.lA”n@m e”bEl]
Shi-vwa-gi thelan-am ebel.
Wishing-PRES.-I peace/well-being-ACC you (DAT)
I wish peace for you.

No one word for “yes.” Use the positive form of the
verb in the question.
Vo makwali marva vo? Are you walking to the city?
Makwagi. I am walking.

Hau le. [hAu le]
These are the particles used to bracket a negative
statement, therefore, used on their own they
constitute a negative response.
Vo makwali marva vo?
Hau le. (Hau makwagi le marva. “I am _not walking_ to
the city.” or Makwagi hau marva le. “I am walking
[but] _not to the city_.)

Kopai aulemuditu ebel ko... [ko”pAi Aulemudi”tu ebEl
Kopai aulemu-di-tu ebel ko...
If pleasing-future-it you-DAT (dependent clause
If it will be pleasing to you ...
Ex. Kopai aulemuditu ebel ko aimuna umadem ebek. If it
will be pleasing to you, give the book to me.

Thank you.
Topalwagit. [topalwA”git]
I thank you.

Do you speak (English, Spanish, French, etc.)?
Vo fathwalit (enlish, sapanish, frensh, etc.) vo? [vo
fATwA”lit ...vo]
Vo fa-thwa-li-t ...vo?
(Interrogative particle)
speaking-present-you-it...(interrogative particle)?

I don’t speak Elasin very well.
Fathwagit sohoki elasinam. [fATwA”git soho”ki
Fa-thwa-gi-t so-hoki elasin-am.
Speaking-present-I-it intensifer-well/good Elasin-ACC.

My name is...
Mabwagit manalam [mAbwA”git mAnA”l@m]
Ma-bwa-gi-t manal-am (i.e. Mabwagit manalam
Holding-present-I-it name-ACC ...GEN.
I hold the name of .....
Names are very important in Elasin society, with long
lineages. One’s name is held in trust to both past
generations who have held it, as well as future
generations who will carry it.

What is your name?
Vo mabwalit manalam kopathin vo? [vo mAbwA”lit mAnAl@m
kopATin vo]
Vo ma-bwa-li-t manal-am kopath-in vo?
Int. particle holding-present-you-it name-ACC who-GEN
Int. particle.
Who’s name are you holding?

How are you?
Vo wali hoki vo? [vo wA”li ho”ki vo]
Vo wa-li hoki vo?
Int. particle Present tense copula-you good/well vo?
Are you well?
Alternative: Vo wali thelanoth vo? ...thelan-oth...
peace/well-being-LOC (inessive)

I am well.
Wagi hoki./Wagi thelanoth. [...TelA”n.OT]

I am not well.
Wagi hau hoki le/Wagi hau thelanoth le.

I am the walrus, coo coo ca choo.
Wagi salithe haponi, ku ku ka shu. [wA”gi sAli”Te
I am the ungainly/clumsy animal...

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