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YAEPT Re: OE diphthongs/breaking (was: Re: Germanic vowel correspondences

From:And Rosta <and.rosta@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 22, 2008, 19:54
Tristan McLeay, On 22/07/2008 03:38:
> Mark J. Reed wrote: >> We have -al/-owl near-homophony in these parts, too. Which leads to >> eggcornish apocrypha like stories about Winnie the Pooh's wise friend >> Al. > > Now here was me thinking that Winnie the Pooh was meant to be read... > (In any case, "Al" is often pronounced /&l/ rather than /&:l/, making it > a homophone of L and not "owl".)
Round our way _Powell_ and _pal_ wd be homophonous not only with each other but also with _pale_ and _pow_. I'm not sure if they also rhyme with _bell_, _dull_ and _curl_ too; I currently lack access to informants from the relevant places, age-groups and class. --And.


Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...>